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"we are building a multi-generational, multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, LGBTQ-accepting faith community that asks life-changing questions of our faith and one another" 


Trinity Berkeley is a faith community committed to growing in love and compassion together.


Our goal is to ask thoughtful and meaningful questions that connect us to God's love, one another, and our neighborhood.  Our only agenda is helping our neighborhood and its people grow uniquely into their most complete selves.  We believe in global warming, reverence, the full humanity of LGBTQ persons, Love,  evolution, God, the power of community to create compassion, Jesus, the giftedness of all people...  We'd be glad to welcome you anytime you'd like to drop by.  Worship, at 10am, is a great place for free coffee! 

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reverence, compassion, reciprocity


There is something transformational about listening without agenda to someone's story and then sharing yours.  We build community one person at a time by sharing and honoring each unique story.  We grow together by exploring life-changing questions in the company of friends.