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Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture

MESA connects a global grassroots network dedicated to transforming food and farming systems. Through cross-cultural horizontal exchange, experiential learning, and participatory action, MESA links farmers, activists, and educators in the movement to unite as global citizens and rebuild resilient, equitable food systems. MESA's four interrelated program areas each contribute to connect a global grassroots network, collaborate with food and farming leaders, and cultivate community food systems.

More information about MESA: https://www.mesaprogram.org/


SquashDrive is a non-profit youth development program that helps students reach their academic, athletic, and personal potential through the unique combination of academic support, squash instruction, and character development. SquashDrive provides over 8 hours per week of transformative programming to 4th through 11th graders from twelve partner schools. The purpose of this program is to help underserved students access and graduate from their best-fit high schools and colleges, and provide tools to help them realize their dreams.

More information about SquashDrive: http://squashdrive.org/

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Global Student Embassy

Global Student Embassy (GSE) empowers youth leaders to address environmental issues in solidarity with peers around the world. Our team of environmental educators works year-round in our partner high schools and universities, where they facilitate weekly experiential learning programs that teach students how to make a difference on local and global environmental issues. Our students develop the tools to enact change in their communities, and in addition to traveling to partner communities in Latin America, constantly connect with their peers internationally to support each other’s projects, and share best practices and inspiration.

More information about Global Student Embassy: https://globalstudentembassy.org/

East Bay Sanctuary Covenant

East Bay Sanctuary Covenant (EBSC) was founded in 1982 during the Sanctuary Movement to assist Central American refugees fleeing violence. EBSC's core mission is to protect, advocate for, and support vulnerable individuals, especially those fleeing violence, persecution, and extreme poverty. EBSC fulfills its mission by providing free or low-fee immigration legal services and social services to immigrants from marginalized communities. EBSC also offers refugee rights and services focused on making life more hospitable for recent arrivals through legal assistance, naturalization programs, community development, and language tutoring.

More information about East Bay Sanctuary Covenant: https://eastbaysanctuary.org/

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Berkeley Free Clinic

Founded by students and progressive community in 1969 the Berkeley Free Clinic has called the basement of Trinity Methodist Church home since 1970. Today the volunteer run clinic operates 7 days a week during evenings and weekends with a range of services, including basic acute medical care, dental services, mental health counseling, and a partnership offering in-house optical services and free glasses. The Clinic's switchboard and volunteers also provide extensive referral and linkage programs to help people in need of access to more specialized services. Each year the BFC helps well over 10,000 people with direct services and referrals and gives over two dozen volunteers the hands-on experience that helps them enter graduate programs in medicine, dentistry, optometry, mental health counseling, public health, and more. 

More information about Berkeley Free Clinic: http://www.berkeleyfreeclinic.org/


Blackfriars Institute for Religion and the Arts

As a ministry of the Western Dominican Province, the Blackfriars Institute for Religion and the Arts aims to promote fine arts in general, and sacred art in particular, as tools for the new evangelization. It promotes the Internet as a resource aid to assist in promoting the fine arts as an evangelical tool. The Blackfriars Institute maintains a research library and art collection, which it makes available to scholars whose work involves religion and the arts.

More information about Blackfriars Institute for Religion and the Arts: https://www.dspt.edu/blackfriars-institute