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2362 Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA, 94704
United States

What is worship like?


We worship because giving thanks for what is good in our world, and asking for help when we need it, makes life better. And we worship together because our togetherness supports us in doing things that we cannot do alone. Worship is highly interactive, sometimes including discussion and always open to questions. We are family friendly, wiggle friendly, interaction friendly, student friendly, and just plain friendly.

We want you to feel welcomed just as you are, in a spirit of love and grace. You can make yourself at home with some coffee or tea and snacks. We begin worship with some brief words about upcoming events. We then pray, sing, listen to poetry, read scripture, listen to the preacher (who has been known to invite dialogue), share in communion, sing some more, and pray, before we are sent back to the world, challenged, fortified, and encouraged. Kids ages 5-10 will find art tables in the back of the chapel.

Sundays at 10-ish

Yup, 10am-ish.  The truth is a lot of our members need an extra minute, or two, or 5, to arrive.  We are ok with that!  The world is complex enough without your church pressuring you about time.   So get here when you can. We'll begin around 10ish and run just over an hour.  

What about kids?

We are glad to welcome kids to our church. Our worship is wiggle friendly and includes a weekly children’s story, so all ages are welcome. Kids ages 5-10 will find art tables in the back of the Chapel, ready to be decorated. We offer a nursery for little ones during worship.

More about Family Care

During worship we offer Family Care. 


Direction and Parking 

Our Chapel space is on Dana Street between Bancroft Way and Durant Street in Berkeley. The parking lot is located on Bancroft just to the west of the church building. To get from the parking lot to worship, head toward Bancroft, then follow the arrows on the sidewalk; they’ll lead you through the gate and across the courtyard to the chapel.


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